Rules and Repertoire

The Concurso Nacional e Internacional de Arpa y Festival Internacional de Arpa, México and Concurso Nacional de Arpa de México is pleased to announce the V Mexico International Harp Competition and Festival 2017.

The competition is open to harpists of all nationalities, who have not passed their 35th birthday by November 1, 2017. Contestants will be chosen by a preliminary recorded piece. A non-refundable entry fee will be charged in each Division.

All entries must be received by August 15, 2017.


Applicants will be notified of the results by August 17, 2017.

Competition Rules and Procedures

The V Mexico International Harp Competition and Festival 2017 will be held 10-18 November 2017 in Mexico City.

The Competition is open to harpists of all nationalities who have not passed their 35th birthday by November 1, 2017.

The Competition requires a level of excellence and all contestants should be regarded as young artists considering the musicality, technique and artistic presentation.

The jury will consist of internationally recognized harpists, teachers and musicians. All decisions of the jury are final.

All stages of the competition are open to the public.

Only Lyon and Healy harps will be used for the Competition, individual practice time are provided to active contestants. Participants may use their personal instruments at their own liability and cost.

The winners of the first places of the previous edition may only register to participate in this 2017 edition in an upper division one in which they were awarded.

Housing with a local host family will be provided if required by the contestant. Other accommodations are available at the contestant’s own expense. Participants living in Mexico City are not provided with accommodation.

The Competition reserves the right to record and film all Competition Stages and Concerts for radio, television and web streaming.

General Rules

  1. All works must be performed by memory and without repetitions unless indicated.

  2. Contestants will draw lots to determine the order in which they will perform. This order of performance will be used throughout all stages of the competition. At time of acceptance, all contestants will be notified of the date and time of the drawing, which is scheduled to occur during the Opening Ceremony.

  3. After the Opening Ceremony, jurors may not have contact with active contestants. This precludes attendance at practice sessions, email or text messages, phone conversations and any piano or orchestral rehearsal for the final stage.

  4. The announcement of all prize winners and distribution of prizes will take place during a Special Closing Ceremony of the Competition.

Application Procedures

IN ONE EMAIL, applicants must submit the documents no later than August 15 2017 to the email address of the Competition:

  1. Registration form. (download the registration here: Registration Form)

  2. Send as a PDF, photocopie of your birth certificate or passport.

  3. Send as a PDF, two letters of recommendation from musical authorities, one of them most be from the applicant’s teacher recommending participation in the V Mexico International Harp Competition and Festival 2017.

  4. Two publicity photographs suitable for reproduction. Send as an e-mail attachment.

  5. The list of the repertoire to be performed at the contest.

  6. Record one required piece of the 1st stage and upload to YouTube, this applies to the four Divisions. Send the link in the same email as your documents (your video security must be set to “Public” or “Unlisted” Videos set to “Private” will not be considered)

  7. Entry fee:

    • Young Professional Division and Intermediate II Division: $ 150.00 dolls
    • Intermediate I Division and Junior Division: $ 100.00 dolls

    And must be paid to:

    The PayPal Account:

    OR to the bank account:


    Fundación Parish Alvars

    National from Banorte: CTA. 0452551105

    National, bank transfer CLAVE: 072 180 00452551105 4

    International: CLAVE: 072180004525511054


    Please attacht the receipt of the payment


Young Professional Division

1st Prize:

  • $ 2,000.00 US dolls
  • Solo Concerto Performance with Mexico National Symphony Orchestra
  • Solo Concerto Performance with the Zagreb Soloists
  • Mexican Concert Tour

2nd Prize: $ 1,200.00 US dolls

3rd Prize: $ 1,000.00 US dolls

Special Prize to attend the HarpMasters Academy

Intermediate II Division

1st Prize: $ 1,200.00 US dolls

2nd Prize: $ 1,000.00 US dolls

3rd Prize: $ 800.00 US dolls

Intermediate I Division

1st Prize: $ 1,000.00 US dolls

2nd Prize: $ 800.00 US dolls

3rd Prize: $ 600.00 US dolls

Junior Division

1st Prize: $ 800.00 US dolls

2nd Prize: $ 600.00 US dolls

3rd Prize: $ 500.00 US dolls


(All works must be performed from memory without repetitions unless stated)

JUNIOR DIVISION (Maximum age 13 years on November 1, 2017)

First Stage:

  1. Aria in F Major (Nº 5) Andante, Bach for Early Grades - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

    From the Note-Book of Anna Magdalene Bach

    With repetitions

  2. Au bord du Ruisseau - Henriette Renié (1875-1956)

    From the book “Harp Solos” Graded Recital Pieces volume one


  1. Nocturne Op. 7 - Marcel Grandjany (1891-1975)

    From the “Trois Petites Pieces”

    With repetitions

  2. Notas de Papel - Juan Carlos Villaseñor

  3. Free choice piece 2-4 minutes

INTERMEDIATE I DIVISION (Maximum age 18 years on November 1, 2017)

First Stage:

  1. Sonatina (choose any of the six sonatinas) - Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)

  2. Choose one:

    Epices pour harpe - Bernard Andres (1941)

    • Muscade
    • Vanille
    • Pistache
    • Paprika


  1. Romance N° 5 op. 19 - Edmund Schuëcker (1860-1911)

    (Harpiana Reprints)

  2. Choose one:

    • Preludio III-Volver a Pintar - Juan Pablo Contreras
    • Pequeño Preludio, Autre Chose (la même chose) - Carlo Constantino Prieto Méndez
  3. Free choice piece 3-6 minutes

INTERMEDIATE II DIVISION (Maximum age 23 years on November 1, 2017)

First Stage:

  1. Impromptu op. 28 - Hugo Reinhold (1854-1935)

    Choose one:

    • Sonata in f minor K519 Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
    • Sonata in B-flat Major K529
    • Sonata in F Major K541

With Repetitions


Free choice recital maximum 20 minutes including:

Epilogo, tr. McDonald-Wood - Enrique Granados (1867-1916)


  1. Morceau de Concert for Harp and Orchestra - Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)

  2. Choose one:
    • Sueño - Flor de Ma Guillen M
    • Encuentro - J. Eduardo Muñoz

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL DIVISION (Maximum age 35 years on November 1, 2017)

First Stage:

  1. Sonata - Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

    Choose one:

    • D major, Hob.XVI:24
    • C major, Hob.XVI:35
    • A flat-major, Hob.XVI:43
    • g minor, Hob.XVI:44

    (Any edition)

  2. Vltava (The Moldau) - Bedřich Smetana/Trnecek (1824-1884)

    (Lyra or Salvi edition)

  3. Choose one:

    • Fantasy on Lara’s Granada - Carlos Salzedo (1885-1961)

    (Lyra or Sheet Music Plus)

    • Spanish Dance N° 1 - Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)/Grandjany

    (Lyra or Sheet Music Plus)

    • Cordoba - Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909)/Dulova



Free choice recital 30-35 minutes including one of the following pieces:

  • Sonata (Lyra) - Nicolas Flagello ( 1928 – 1994)
  • Spiders (Universal Edition) - Paul Patterson (1947)


  1. Concierto para Arpa - Samuel Zyman (1956)

    With Mexico National Symphony Orchestra

  2. Enharmonic Bagatelle - José Julio Díaz Infante